Staff & Team Retreats 

Development of staff & team retreats may include any of the following...

  • any components of our Soul Care Retreat

  • the role of vocation in the care of the soul

  • cultivating and nurturing a healthy team culture

  • caring for one another as a leadership team

  • factors that contribute to ministry longevity

  • leading from a place of overflow instead of deficit

  • the role of pace and presence in the life of a leader

  • discerning the movement of the Spirit as a leadership team

Staff & team retreats may be designed in any of the following ways...

You design it.

Use our facilities to execute a retreat created by your leadership.

We design it.

Our staff creates a retreat experience around the needs of your team.

We design it together.

We collaborate to create a retreat experience co-led by your leadership and our ministry team.